Celine Dion, Stiff person syndrome has been diagnosed | Celine Dion health

Celine Dion has revealed further health information

(Celine Dion health) : Celine Dion has revealed further health information that will change the dates of her international tour.

In an emotional Instagram video posted Thursday, the singer revealed she has stiff person syndrome, a neurological disease. The symptoms, according to the singer, are what had previously caused her to experience severe muscle spasms.

The spasms influence every area of my everyday life, sometimes making walking difficult and preventing me from using my vocal cords to sing the way I’m used to,” Dion explained. “It’s been difficult, to say the least. Singing is all I know; it’s what I’ve done my entire life.”

Celine Dion, Stiff person syndrome has been diagnosed | Celine Dion health

(Celine Dion health) : According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, Stiff Person Syndrome, or SPS, is a disease that causes “progressive muscle stiffness and painful spasms” that are triggered by environmental factors such as “sudden movement, cold temperature, or unexpected loud noises.

The condition is considered rare, affecting only around one in a million people.

Dion also stated that due to the diagnosis, the European leg of her tour will be unable to resume in February. The shows she had planned for the spring have been pushed back to 2024, while the ones she had planned for the summer have been canceled.

(Celine Dion health) : “I have a terrific team of doctors working with me to help me get better,” Dion remarked. “I’m working with my sports medicine therapist every day to regain my strength and ability to perform.”


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  • The French-Canadian chanteuse cancelled the North American leg of her “Courage World Tour” in January owing to “severe and chronic muscle spasms.” The North American leg of the tour was initially cancelled owing to the pandemic.


  • Celine Dion has cancelled her North American tour to recover from’severe and persistent muscle spasms.’


  • Her Las Vegas residency was terminated in October 2021 when she complained that the spasms were interfering with her rehearsals.


  • Dion’s return to Las Vegas was hailed as a homecoming for the artist. That transformed the landscape of the city’s music residency culture with the 2003 debut of “A New Day…” in Caesars Palace’s specially designed Colosseum.


  • Instead of Dion, Carrie Underwood will launch the 5,000-seat theatre in December 2021 with her performance “Reflection. The Las Vegas Residency.”

Celine Dion, Stiff person syndrome has been diagnosed | Celine Dion health

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