England’s winter camp will be in Abu Dhabi before Pakistan.

Before departing for their winter tour of Pakistan, the men’s England Test team will participate in a winter camp and play a warm-up match against their counterparts on the Lions team at Abu Dhabi Cricket. The warm-up game is scheduled to take place at Abu Dhabi Cricket and will last three days.

On Friday, November 18, 2022, the Test squad will begin their training camp at Abu Dhabi Cricket. On Wednesday, November 23, 2022, they will start competing against the Lions at the redesigned Tolerance Oval.

Additionally, England will use the exceptional practice facilities that are being made available to them by Dhabi Cricket. These facilities offer a total of 28 net lanes as well as seven practise wickets for cricket players to use. These facilities are going to be made available to England by Abu Dhabi Cricket.

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The camp will be an essential component of England’s preparations for the second half of their long-awaited tour of Pakistan, which will include three Test matches against their hosts in December. The preparation for this tour has taken a significant amount of time.

According to Matt Boucher, the Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Cricket, “We are delighted that England’s men’s test team has chosen our world-class facilities in Abu Dhabi to aid their preparations for their historic first visit to Pakistan since 2005.” “They haven’t been to Pakistan since 2005, so this will be their first trip there.”

This demonstrates how highly they regard us as one of the world’s leading cricket facilities. It further validates our ability to host the best sports teams, as stated by the tournament director. “It demonstrates how highly they regard us as one of the world’s leading cricket facilities.”

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