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(Mountain tribes China) There are many secretes insides the hanging coffins on the mountains of rock stones in china. There are lot of Anonymous mystery of people of Go Tribes coffins. Thousand of kilometers from china rock mountains is presents with hanging coffins also called a graveyard. This graveyard was made vertically on these mountains. And the biggest question of this mystery is Why ? Now we are going to discuss about this vertically graveyard.

There are lot of hanging coffins on the different small and big rock present in two province of china Sichuan and Yunnan. Which is presents about thousand years ago. The height of these hanging coffins is 100 to 400 feet. Researcher found 131 hanging coffins in china. And some coffins are 3000 thousand years old. These coffin are made on limestones mountains. This was to much challenging that carrying these coffins at the high of 400 feet. The weight of these coffins almost 250 Kg . This is challenging work also with modern equipment. Locals says that these Bo Tribe people was legend that can Fly. The specialty of these coffin was that these all coffin was made single piece of wood. The theory of experts says at that moment of Bo tribe there was only one tool called The ax.

Territory of the Bo (Aka-Bo) and other Andamanese peoples in the late 19th century (map widened for clarity).


3000 Years ago Bo Tribe had lived in the province china (Sichuan and Yunnan) . There is noting in history about this tribe but in 1573 mean 450 years ago Ming Dynasty Occupied on China and also with Ming Imperial Army kills all the Bo Tribes people. This Army remove the race of this tribe . And also remove many secretes about this tribe was died. The thousand of area of central china covered by small and big mountains. There are many mountains of this area are hidden by the nature.

In 1949, any remaining Bo were relocated, with all other surviving Great Andamanese, to a reservation on Bluff island. In 1969 they were moved again to a reservation on Strait Island. By 1980 only three out of the 23 surviving Great Andamanese claimed to belong to the Bo tribe. By 1994 their numbers had grown to 15 (out of 40).

(Mountain tribes China) However, tribal identities became largely symbolic in the wake of the relocations. By 2006 the cultural and linguistic identity of the tribe had all but disappeared, due to intermarriage and other factors. The last speaker of the Bo language, a woman named Boa Senior, died at age 85 in late January 2010.


China exploration and research team launch the campaign. This team decide to find these secretes and hanging coffin. In Yunnan there was the 6 coffin at the one mountain or rock. Researcher decides the explore these sixth coffins. This was also the tough task for experienced cliff climber for reach directly to these coffins. So they decides to climb these mountains from behind. After all climber were reach out there. When researchers research the bone of these coffins then they find the more then one human bones samples from one coffin.

After that researchers gave the statement about these coffins that first Tribes people used to bury the dead and when they found body decomposed then they put the bone of body in coffin and then they used to add soil because every bone can be stable in its position and then they hang these coffins on the height of the mountains.




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