Impossible Cave Rescue Mission


(Impossible Cave Rescue Mission) : A Thailand Teenage football team had planned a unique adventure to celebrate the birthday of a teammate. Team members planned to go to Tham Luang Cave to celebrate their teammates birthday. And it was part of their plan, to not to tell their family members about it. This 10km Long and 85 meter deep cave is present in northern Thailand, amid large mountains of Limestones. of course, it was an adventure to go inside this cave but this adventure was going to become the biggest nightmare which no one had any idea.

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Tham Luang Cave

(Impossible Cave Rescue Mission) : Viewers its was 23 June 2018 twelve children between 11 to 16, they also had included their 25-year-old coach in their plane. And riding their bicycles they went inside the Tham Luang Cave. These 13 boys had no idea, of what dangers they are putting themselves in. Few minutes later after they went inside the cave the climate outsides changed and a heavy rainfall started. But as the went deep inside the cave, they had no idea about the rain. Minutes turned into hours. Parents who knew their children were practicing football, got worried when the children did not return on time. Due to the lack of mobile network inside the cave, no one could contact the boys and neither anyone knew where they were at that moment.

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Finally with a hint from the football club, they come to know that the boys went inside the Tham Luang Cave. When the parents reached the entrance of the cave a heart wrenching scene was waiting for them. They saw their bicycles and some stuff but no trace of the boys. While parents were still processing this information, but they were stuck with another problem because of the constant heavy rainfall, the cave was getting filed with water which was really a bad thing. And rescue team also reached the spot, and immediately they decided to go inside the cave.

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The cave was getting filed with water and on top of it. And it was becoming hard to breathe due narrow passages. It was 1 AM but still there was no clue of the boys. The water coming down from the mountain was filing up the cave and then the rescue team brought news from inside the cave and this news breaks parents heart because rescue team had said that they saw a point in a cave, where the water has touched the ceiling. Due to the lack of equipment the rescue operation had to be halted there.

(Impossible Cave Rescue Mission) This fact was comfirm that if all those 13 football players will still alive in the cave then they have to spend the night alone. From a map, it was found that few of the caves portion are quit deep and in some places it is goes higher. Experts believe that if these football players were alive they must be taking shelter in those pockets. Throughout the night the level of water increased inside the cave. In the morning the rescue team start the pumping out the water from the first cave. But everyone was thinking about only one thing, how to reach them.


(Impossible Cave Rescue Mission) : According to the experts the only solution was to get the professional divers go inside the water and search for the boys. But it was vital for the divers to have the experience of the cave. To execute this mission Thai Navy deployed its commandos who had vast experience of underwater mission. It has been 24 hours since the boys went inside the cave. Before going the inside the water Thai Navy commandos need to ascertain in which dypoints of the cave the boys might be present. The one of the dry land in this cave is Pattaya Be where the possibilities of presence the footballers.

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Pattaya Be was 4km far from the entrance of the cave. The layout of cave is so much difficult. The water was so much murky that divers could not see their hands. Thai navy start the rescue mission. After the struggle of two days the divers reach that point where water could not present. Four days have been elapsed since footballers were stuck inside the cave. Outside the cave Rescue team had made their basecamp. After these days the rescue team cannot find anything from cave then the government calls the professional cave rescue team.

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After that this British team start their mission they install more water outing pump outside the cave. When water level low then they dive in murky water and start their mission. After this they arrived at the point of Pattaya Be but unfortunately they could not find anything. And they does not have more oxygen in their cylinder for more dive but one of them take risk and dive in this murky water and after the diving he find the all13 football players. But question is that how can they How will they get them out now?

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