Mobile phone users can easily make money online using these five ways.

It is now easy to make online money and hundreds of thousands of rupees just by sitting at home and using a cell phone. People get paid a lot of money by companies like Instagram, Facebook, and a lot of money by companies like Instagram, Facebook, and m. You can make a lot of money by putting videos on these social media apps. The number of people who operate smartphones has grown over time. Things are going better with her help. Mobile is no longer just talking. This makes it easy to pay for something online without going to the bank. You don’t have to have a DSLR to take good video photos. But not many people know that it can be used to pay bills and make money while sitting at home. Some people might think this is crazy, but it’s true. You can make money from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, writing content, and blogging if you’re good at it. Let’s look at these five ways to make money with your phone.

1. Youtube

YouTube deserves credit for changing the world of video content. Most people spend a lot of time here as well. Watch a video of your favourite movie, song, or anything else. There you’ll find the secret to making money. The money you pay to watch a video goes to the person who made it. You can also make a channel and post exciting videos on it. You will start making money based on views once you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of content.

2. Facebook

Most people use Facebook more than any other social media site. You can make money here, just like you can on YouTube. On this, you’ll need to make a page where you can upload the videos. The Facebook Studio App can help you do this. If your Facebook page has 10 Likes or Followers, you can make a lot of money by putting up ads. Here, you can also earn money by advertising. You can make Rs 40,000 through the Amazon app today, which is an excellent chance for you to do so.

3. Instagram

Even in the village, people are using this social media platform. Even people in the country like to make reels, which are short videos. You can also make videos like this one. For Instagram to work well, it needs at least 1000 followers. After that, you’ll start getting paid by the company.

4. Blog

All of the above was about video, but you can also make money by writing if you don’t like making videos. Blogs are talked about a lot. You can start writing by creating a free blog on or The money will keep coming here based on the number of page views. The page can also have Google Adsense added to it.

5. Online games

It was read and written above, but not many people know that you can also make money by playing online games. You can make money if you play games on the SkillClass, Winzo, Big Cash, and Gamez apps. Cricket, car racing, Fruit Cup, Bubble Shooter, and Ludo are just a few games you can play. But for this to occur, they have to win the game.

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