How Area 51 became the center of alien conspiracy theories | Mystery of Area 51

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The (Mystery) of Area-51 Located at USA State NEVADA spread 7500 SQ KM. This is top secret area of USA.

There is American air Based where is many secret about this area. In the early 1950, USA planes

were conducting low-flying recon missions the USSR. But there were constant worries of them

being spotted and shot down. So in 1954. President Eisenhower authorized the development of the

top secret, high altitude recon aircraft dubbed project Aqua. The program required a remote

location that was not easily accessible to civilians or spies. Area-51 fil the bill perfectly. it was the

NEVADA desert near a salt flat called Groom Lake. No one knows exactly why it called Area-51,But

one theory suggests it came from it proximate to the NEVADA Nuclear test sites. The NEVADA test

sit was divided into number-designated areas by the atomic energy commission .The location was

already familiar for the military as it had served as a World War 2 aerial gunnery range. In

the summer of 1955, sightings of “unidentified flying objects” were reported around Area-51.That

Because the air force had begun its testing of the U-2 aircraft. The U-2 can fly high than 60,000 feet.

at the time normal airlines were flying in the 10,000 to 20,000 feet range. While military aircraft topped

out around 40,000 feet. So if a pilot spotted the tiny speck that was the U-2 high above it, they would

have no idea what it was. And they would usually let air traffic control know. Someone was out there.

Which is what led to the increase of UFO sightings in the area. While air force official knew the UFO

sightings were U-2 test, they could not really tell the public. So they explained the aircraft sightings,

by saying they were “natural phenomena” and “high altitude weather research”. The testing of the U-2

ended in the late 1950. But Area-51 has continued to serve as the testing ground for many aircraft,

including “NIGHTHAWK, LOCKHEED A-12, NORTHROP TACIF BLUE”. No one know for sure what Area-51

is upto these days. The government never even publicly unknow existence of the base until 2013,

with the release of declassified CIA report.

But if you are ever at LAS VEGAS airport, keep an eye out for some small unmarked, passenger planes.

They Area-51 employees get to work from their homes in Vegas. This is the Mystery of Area 51


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