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Few years ago we can just watch the asteroid. We could determine the direction of the asteroids and the speed of the asteroid few years ago. (Nasa Ultra Boost) .And even If any asteroid move forward to the earth then we could just tell that when and where its will hit the earth. We were not any option more than that. But now first time in the history of human Mechanism became to save the earth from asteroids. And even Nasa proof this experiment at the front of all over the world.

Viewers 65000000 Crore years ago a asteroid estimate size like Mount Everest was hit the earth. This asteroid were spreads around 10km area on earth. This massive size of  destruction was removed the all species of Dinosaurs from the earth. But now humans have ability and technology that can be find the speed of asteroids locations and size. This technology became increase day by day. And now we can see asteroids very far.

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Nasa have the list of 26115 asteroids which will pass by the earth in future. There are 16420 of them that size are smaller than 100 Meters. And there are 8807 whose size are 1 km. And last there are 888 asteroids like that sizes more than 1 km. By the way, none of any asteroid direction toward the earth. But in future might be possible that any asteroids in them changes its path and move toward the earth. If 1 km radius of asteroid hit the earth it will produce the energy equal to the 1000 thousand of biggest nuclear blasts. It will possible that humans can save from natural Earth disasters but they cannot fight with asteroids. 

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DART (Double asteroid Redirection test)

But now Nasa proof by experiment that we can also fight with asteroids by changes its direction. Its just seem like a or we can say that it is the planetary defense system but according Nasa it is Kinetic Impactor Technique. By this technique scientists and Nasa can changes the path of the asteroids. But now question is how let me explain :


Basically the objects at the outer space no have any difficulty for moves one place to another let assume if 1 asteroid travel with the speed of 10km per hour then it will continue move forwarding at the same speed Until it will hit any other object. And this is possible because there is no friction in outer space. Asteroids which were became from the biggest collision , these all asteroids continuously travel with the high speed if these asteroids reach near the earth the gravity of earth attract these asteroids to own sides.

That why Nasa scientists Presented the idea that before the collision of any asteroid with the earth scientist will collide the space probes at the specific angle the result asteroid change its path. According to the plane Nasa will send these probes in the orbit of the earth and if they found any big asteroid near the earth they will hit these probes to the asteroid for change the path of the specific asteroid. Then to prove this theory is true Nasa decide experiment plane. Nasa gave the name to this mission is DART (Double asteroid Redirection test).

In 23 November 2021 Nasa launch the DART space craft by the help of space-X Falcon Rocket at the Vandenberg space force base with the budgets of $325 Million dollars. Same like the other space crafts scientist  install thrusters, camera system and radio link also. This phenomena is also Nasa vs nature. After this launching Nasa need to find the suitable and nearest asteroid from and the Nasa find the asteroid 10000000 KM away from the earth. The name of the asteroid was dimorphous.

The weight of the asteroid is 500 crore kilogram. And the weight of the DART was the 579 Kg. In space weight does not matter, speed matter in the space . After the complex calculation of Nasa find the speed of DART that if they hit the DART at the speed of 23000Km then it might be possible that asteroid will change its position. In 26 September 2022 few minutes before Nasa live the camera potage of DART.


The (National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA) is an independent agency of the US federal government responsible for the civil space program, aeronautics research, and space research. NASA was established in 1958, succeeding the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), to give the US space development effort a distinctly civilian orientation, emphasizing peaceful applications in space science. Let we are going to discuss Nasa ultra boost , Nasa polo jacket and Nature vs Nasa.

Nasa ultra boost

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The smoke of Nasa rocket fuel is to much toxic that why we are going to discuss the nature vs Nasa. The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.



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