Scientists New Discovery | Scientists Still Can’t Explain These 5 Mysteries

INTRODUCTION (Scientists New Discovery)

Scientists New Discovery : There is no doubt that as science is progressive, it explore new things for us. But It is also a fact that there is still much thing that even science is too shocked to see. Then the issue should be of the Two and a half thousand years old plane or helicopter hieroglyphic made in Egypt or the crater in the Russia which becoming larger day day or and the mysterious signals received by the NASA. There are many things in front of us which even science does not have to bow down to. Viewers today, you are going to know five such mysteries, whose true reality has not been known to anyone till date lets talk about the Scientists New Discovery :


5 : Gravity (Scientists New Discovery)

Outer space is the full of unsolved mysteries that is impossible task for the science and others scientists. For the past several centuries science trying to understand the most powerful thing is Gravity but science can’t. Like the gravity of earth attract the objects To yourself as it is the gravity of sun also attract the all planets of the solar systems including earth. But the question is that which force is forcing the sun to stay in place. The sun is a very small matter. In what gravity are these millions and billions of galaxies attached to the structure ? There must be some force that has forced them to placed in their orbits. Scientists have named this invisible gravity as DARK MATTER .

This matter covered the 85% of of the mass of our universe. This is very shocking and amazing for the scientists that the study of the scientists of centuries can’t find any thing can’t see by Hubble Telescope and James Webb Telescope . Science just know that the Dark Matter is the Theoretical version of Mass . 

Exploring physics concepts with a gravity well — Science Learning Hub


No doubt We can seen far of Galaxies 13.2 Billion Light year from the earth from most powerful telescope and we also succeed the capture the image of blackholes and also by using the power of science we send many Rovers to the surface of Mars 140000000 for study the Mars. But unfortunately Where we all live and do this work called Earth the scientist Couldn’t explore the Oceans of earth. Around 80% or the parts of oceans who have never been discovered because of deepness and the pressure of water.

The deepest point of Ocean is Mariana Trench which is around 11022 Meters  deep. But Human discovered 200 Meter Depth of Ocean manually. This point is called Twilight Zone where the natural light (sunlight) not reachable. The pressure of Twilight Zone is 320 PSI . This pressure is equal to the weight of Tractor Tire on the 1 cm part of Human Body. That the reason human can reach easily on the surface of the moon but this is very difficult to go in the depth of see from Twilight Zone . We succeed to explore 5%  percent of see life under the Twilight Zone as estimate. Scientists New Discovery: 

Depth of Ocean


Scientists New Discovery : By the way all living organisms from aunt to elephant using their brains in every problem if brain not present then any living being cannot solve any smallest problem. But Slime Mold is the organism which is very simple and also complex organism because Slime Mold dose not have any single cell of brain but nevertheless this bacteria consider very clever. Slime Mold can solve complex Mazes very easily and it also can take Decision according to his problem . Slime Mold can find different time of day. But the question is (How Slime Mold can do this) this question is mysterious for scientists and also for science.

Slime Mold


By plane crossing the Atlantic Ocean alone she is Amelia Earhart. From his childhood, he was very fond of adventure and Flying. In 1928 she Shocked whole the world by crossing the Atlantic Ocean alone in Air plane. Because she is first women whose made this record. After this in 1932 Amelia start her journey from Hawaii to US Mainland alone and became the new record because this could not be happened before.

After this Amelia want become new World record plane. The plane is she will travel around the world . Then 2nd July 1937 during traveling Amelia and her navigator (Fred Noonan) land the city of Papua New Guinea lye city for refueling. After the Refueling when they both take off and they lose the connection from control tower in the central Pacific ocean near the Howland Island. After this They have not been found till today. Many search parties search the possible crash location but they could not found anything. It has been 85 years since this incidence.

New Clues About the Disappearance of Amelia Earhart - Amelia Earhart Life  Story


This is not the painting of Art gallery this is the mountains of Zhangye National Park in china and spread in the area of 322 Square KM area. This mountains is famous all over the world because of his colors and beauty. Looking at these mountains full of colors and rock formation , it seems like them someone has color on them. But this is Natural. The reason of these colors is mixture of Sandstone and Mineral in very larger amount and chemical reaction for many years.


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