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The WHITE HOUSE is the official residence and work space of every American President. This is the one of the most securest house in the world. Every American President live at WHITE HOUSE and also decides the most importance fairs of the world. After the world war 2 the American government increases the security of white house day by day. Because after world war 2 WHITE HOUSE facing many security threat. It is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C., and has been the residence of every U.S. president since John Adams in 1800. you cant imagine WHITE HOUSE can easily face air attacks by its air defense system. Now we are going to discuss the top Seven Security features of WHITE HOUSE :

The White House

Top Seven Security Features of WHITE HOUSE

Now we are going to discuss the top Seven Security features of white house So lets start :


There are 132 Rooms in the building of WHITE HOUSE. Its is impossible to know that when president in which room. But there is one thing commons in all these rooms that is window panels. Window panels install in WHITE HOUSE but it could be dangerous. The all window panels is make with Bullet proof glass because no one can do sniping from thousand kilometers. Means that 147 window panels and all panels are bullet proof. The quality of this bullet proof glass is more then hundred percent great then the market. Ballistic glass is consider the world most strongest glass which is use in WHITE HOUSE at as bullet proof glass.

Nobody know this feature before 2011 but in November 2011 Oscar Ramiro fires the tow bullets on the WHITE HOUSE in addiction . One of the fire hit the garden of the WHITE HOUSE and other one hit the window panel of WHITE HOUSE . At the time of Fire the time president was Buraq Obama was president and at this time her daughter (Sasha Obama) of Obama was present in the Bullet fire room. This bullet fire from 2100 feet away. Bullet cant do noting because of window panel.


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In most action movies you see the hero enter in the building by bypass the laser lights. These same sensors installed in WHITE HOUSE but no one can bypass these sensors like movies. In the all four Acer area these infrared sensors install . Even thought if any small animal enter in the garden then security team of white house easily track him by these sensors. If anyone can bypass these sensors then they cants face the snipers at the roof top of white house. you can buy easily these sensor by click here

Infrared Sensor - How it Works, Types, Applications, Advantage & Disadvantage


We cant see any thing like missile system at the WHITE HOUSE pictures . But the Missile Defense system installed at the roof top of WHITE HOUSE hidden from the public . WHITE HOUSE team do not want to know anybody of this system. This missile system have capability destroy any missile in the air near at the WHITE HOUSE and also have a capability to destroy any air plane and drone. The security team of White house install this system after the attack of Nine Eleven (9 , 11) . And the all area of white house declare the NO FLY ZONE. Mean there is no permission to fly any commercial and other planes. This is possible that if any plane violation this rule the security team of white house will destroy this plane in air.

In November 2019 the commercial air flight entered in NO FLY ZONE by mistake. This plane was very far off from the white house but for this all over the white house completely locked down and become emergency situation surrounding areas. During this one of the New reporter SARA COOK capture the picture of Missile defense system that is installed at the roof top of WHITE HOUSE.

U.S. Pulling Some Missile-Defense Systems Out of Mideast - WSJ


Old age kings keeps there food tasters with him because of check the food toxicity. The food tasters checked every food which is for the presidents and him family. That why in every moment the American presidents keep their personal food tasters with him for protective food.

The food tasters was appear on the screen when in 2013 president Obama refuse to eat the food because of absence of his Personal food taster during the meeting of senate republican. If presidents want order fast food or pizza then the they give another delivery address to the every delivery boy.

Food taster - Wikipedia


The guard dogs also presents for the protection and security for the president. From 1975 the security teams of White house take guard dogs for the protection of white house. These dogs are trained from  Belgian Melenia, These dogs can runs at the speed of 50 kilometer per hour. They can easily grape the stranger people who can try to enter in White house.

In 2014 one man was crossed the defense of white house . No weapon was found from him that the reason the security team do not shoot him. The guard dogs grape this men and police arrested this men.



As everyone know that white house needs the boundary walls but security team never install concrite wall at the boundary of white house. Because this is the proper right of local public that they can see white house properly. There are many incidence appear to jump the white house defense(iron fence) . But in 2019 the security team of white house increase the height of these Iron fence from 6 feet to 10 feet. And know this is very smart iron fence because anyone want to jump outside of this fence the security team receive security alert and then security arrived. because security team set the pressure of the iron fence if anybody give some pressure on the iron fence then the security receive notification alert.

587 White House Fence Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock


In 2015 the one of the employ of white house going home after his duty . He was fly his done camera and entered in the white house. Nobody realize that drone entered in the white house field but when the drone landed in the garden of white house then alarms alert loudly because of infrared scanners. After this security team add 2 drones in the security team. These drones detects another drones and crash him.


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