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Should You Give Your Child a Phone?

We’re willing to bet that if you have a teen or tween who doesn’t have a cell phone, they’ve been begging for one. But when is the best time to get your children their first cell phone? (Emergency Phone For Child)

Bill Gates, the tech billionaire, famously prohibited his children from using cell phones until they were 14 years old. According to reports, Steve Jobs was opposed to giving his children iPhones or iPads. Other Silicon Valley titans have expressed concern about exposing their children to too much technology at a young age. (Emergency Phone For Child)

Should You Give Your Child a Phone?

While it’s tempting to follow in the footsteps of these tech icons, some of us don’t have the luxury of paid parental support—including full-time nannies, housekeepers, and drivers. No matter how much we want to keep technology at bay, the fact is that we live in a wired world, and we may need to rely on cell phones to make parenting easier and keep our children safe. (Should You Give Your Child a Phone?)

We spoke with tech experts Ian O’Byrne, a digital literacy researcher, former grade school teacher, and the host of the Technopanic podcast, and Michelle Lipkin, executive director of the National Association for Media Literacy Education, about when to give your child their first cell phone and, hopefully, how to make the transition into technology a success for your family.

Should You Give Your Child a Phone?

When should a child be given a cell phone?

While it is widely assumed that a child receives their first cell phone in middle school, both experts stated that there is no universally correct answer that will reveal the best age for receiving a cell phone. (Emergency Phone For Child)

“It’s critical that we don’t simply put a stake in the ground and declare that there is one exact moment that is right and not a moment sooner,” Lipkin says. “There are so many things to think about…. There are ways to give your child a cell phone at an appropriate age and make it [a positive choice] for your family.”

Should You Give Your Child a Phone?

Why do you think your child needs a cell phone?

This is the first question that these experts advise you to ask yourself. For the time being, if your child’s “need” is to communicate with friends or keep up with the external pressures of classmates, you can probably stick with a Chromebook or a tablet.

Should You Give Your Child a Phone?

However, there are numerous valid reasons for giving a child a cell phone at a young age. If your children rely on themselves in any way, or if they spend a significant amount of time alone, getting them a cell phone at a younger age is a good idea. (Emergency Phone For Child).

What are the signs that your child is ready for a cell phone?

According to Lipkin and O’Byrne, if your child exhibits media responsibility, it is a good indication that they may be responsible enough to own a cell phone. Examine how well they care for their current devices and how well they know when to turn them off.

“If they have poor impulse control when it comes to turning off their tablets or TV, phones can be even more difficult to establish boundaries with,” says O’Byrne. (Emergency Phone For Child)

He also stated that a good litmus test for readiness can be as simple as noting that a child who does not know how to care for a phone or device is probably not ready for one.

“Make them accountable for the upkeep of their devices. Allow them to demonstrate the level of responsibility required to keep them charged and cared for “he claims. This entails plugging in devices and storing them in a secure and dependable location when not in use.

O’Byrne explains that it all comes down to demonstrating a certain level of responsibility. If they can’t be trusted to keep track of a device and charge it, they can’t be trusted to make good decisions about their cell phones, which do require a higher level of responsibility.

“If you let them know from the start that it’s not just a toy but a responsibility, there’s a better chance they’ll treat it as one,” says O’Byrne.

How can I keep my children’s cell phones safe?

There are many parental controls that can be downloaded onto a cell phone. Bark is a popular one, and the iPhone already has parental controls built into its operating system. But be warned: today’s kids are smart, and they are often more tech-savvy than their parents. There are numerous ways to circumvent these controls, and kids are constantly exchanging tips on how to fool the system with their peers.

Both O’Byrne and Lipkin recommend that there be clear and enforceable rules regarding cellphone usage, so that boundaries are clear and children can be guided to make good choices for their overall well-being.

How to Keep Your Child Safe on a Mobile Phone | Second-Hand Phones -  Second-hand Phones Knowledge Centre | Mobile Phone News | Second Hand Phones

O’Byrne mentions a colleague who prefers that all phones and devices be kept out of bedrooms at night. And we have to say that we agree. A quick search of parenting Facebook groups and Reddit will reveal that the majority of the most egregious errors in judgement occur behind a closed door to a child’s room when they are left to their own devices (pun intended).

Darby Saxbe

A family charging dock is an excellent investment for encouraging and modelling responsible cell phone usage. Charging all of your family’s devices in one location eliminates. The secrecy that comes with cell phone use. While also allowing children to mimic the responsibility you take in caring for your devices. Overall, having your child’s devices out in the open makes it easier. To teach, manage, and monitor their level of responsibility. (Emergency Phone For Child)

The family rule, according to Darby Saxbe, associate professor of psychology at the University of Southern California. And director of the USC Center for the Changing Family, is that screens be visible and purposeful.

By public, she means that her children do not have private screen time. She means that there will be no aimless browsing. The goal, she says, is to reduce the tendency for undirected scrolling, which can waste time and lead to children being in less-than-ideal situations.

“We watch the show they want to watch if they want to watch it. They only want the iPad to play a specific game. There will be no aimless scrolling on social media or jumping from video to video on YouTube. I believe these are particularly addictive ways to engage “she claims. (Emergency Phone For Child)

Which is the best cell phone for children?

That is the crucial question. There are phones for kids designed specifically for tweens, with the goal of protecting children. From the dangers they may encounter on social media.

Anna Lane, our Parenting Editor, recommends the Gabb Wireless cell phone for younger children. Her full review can be found here. Lane liked the Gabb phone’s standout features. Which included unlimited talk and text and active GPS tracking while denying or limiting access to the internet social media. (Emergency Phone For Child)

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