This year, 15 great inventions will make your life better.

This year, 15 great tech inventions will make your life better.

Forbes says that most of the tech solutions from the last year were for intelligent home systems and personal tech upgrades. This fits our list of strange life hacks, but you can get the ones on our list right away for fun and home improvement.

1. HiMirror is like having a beauty salon on your desk.


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It’s an analyzer for your skin that looks at things like wrinkles and skin color. It can also tell you how to make your skin feel and look better.

2. Your phone can print photos right away with the KiiPix

It’s a printer that prints immediately and works perfectly with your phone. It comes in black, pink, and blue, and you can buy it at stores that sell electronics.

3. MyKee Multitool: a keychain for every occasion

A MyKey is a tool you can put on your keychain and use when you need a hex screw, bottle opener, staple puller, or can opener. It’s small, but it’s pretty intense.

4. Hands-free leash with two bungees to make walking easy.

You and your furry friend can jog together with this leash. The double bungee has enough give for two people to run comfortably next to each other.

5. Big Blanket Co. can cover more than just your living room.

After a very successful run on Kickstarter, it is now in stores and online. It comes in six colours and can be used to cover your whole family, your pets, and even distant relatives.

6. Tetra Countertop is a dishwasher out of a dream.

A dishwasher that fits nicely on your counter washes dishes in less than 15 minutes and looks stylish? It’s easy to watch why it won the CES 2019 Best of Innovation Award and was chosen as an Editors’ Choice at CES 2018.

7. A snack bowl with a place to put your phone for a night in

These bowls are a little treasure chest that you can find on AliExpress. They make it easy to hold two kinds of snacks and a phone simultaneously.

8. The TAP device you can wear will change your perception of a keyboard and mouse.

This wearable keyboard is already set up to work with laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It looks fantastic and futuristic, and its users have given it 5 out of 5 stars.

9. Lemoniere by PELEG Design—treat your salad like a garden!

This cute kitchen tool is made to help you pour homemade vinaigrette made with lemon or orange juice over salads and other dishes. It looks pretty in the kitchen cabinet as well.

10. A fish tank that cleans itself with microgreens

In these busy times, we’re happy to have anything around the house that “cleans itself.” This small tank is perfect for your kitchen counter because it can hold water for a small microgreen garden.

11. Night Runner 270 is for your shoes and your dog’s collar.

Shoe lights that light up the path at night will help you avoid spraining your ankle. And if you put one on your dog’s collar, you’ll never lose sight of it again when you take it for a walk at night.

12. “Phone on the shoulder.”

Ever want to be able to hold a cup of coffee and a cookie simultaneously? Do you wish to do all that while FaceTiming with your friends? Well, this tool is a big help in that case.

13. Clever tongs that give you a new way to grab your food.

Now that we have this tool, a cross between tongs and a spatula, we can always make good pancakes.

14. Give the singers in your life a mini karaoke microphone.

Do you like “tiny karaoke”? Find a small microphone. It works just as well as its “big brothers,” which is a surprise.

15. Cooluli mini beauty refrigerator

This tiny beauty fridge keeps all the light serums and creams at the right temperature.

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