Three Gorges Dam | Dams on the snake River


Lets start the (Three Gorges Dam | Dams on the snake river).The largest man-made dam in the world is located in China’s Hubei province. This dam is approximately sixty stories tall and 2300 meters broad. Three Gorges Dam is blocking the water of China’s largest river. Viewers this is more than 60 thousand kilometers long river between China and China Asia largest river. This river start from west china mountains and then more than cross the half of the china It empties into the East China Sea near Shanghai.

three gorges dam


In 1911, the water of this Yangtze River to such an extent that the surrounding areas were flooded. Two lakh people died in this terrible flood and millions of people were displaced. Twenty years later, in 1931, another flood occurred, resulting in the loss of more than a million lives and the displacement of millions of people. And its destruction shook all of China. The destruction was so great that the Chinese government was finding it difficult to even estimate its destruction. The 3 Million deaths record in this natural disaster and Despite so much damage, the flood in the Yangtze River could not stop. There was only one option to get rid of this problem that a dam should be built by stopping the water of the Yangtze River. China had to do something big to stop such a big and stealthy river. (Dams on the snake river)

three gorges dam


The construction of this dam started in 1994 in which more than 40 thousand workers were working at a time. After seventeen years of hard work, it became fully functional in 2011. It is the world’s largest dam as well as the world’s largest concrete structure. Two crore and eighty million cubic meters of concrete was used in this mega structure. Experts says that if so many concrete fill in the Switzerland country, then entire country will sink into two feet of concrete, apart from concrete.

It collects so much water inside itself that the rotation of earth became  slow 0.06MS. That is because of this dam the 1 day of earth longer 0.06MS. This is not bigger figure but that is 1 men made thing that can do this. The chines government was spends $32 Billion dollars on this dam. This amount is very larger then the total GDP of 100 countries.(Dams on the snake river)

three gorges dam


Besides being the largest dam, it is also the largest power plant in the world. Team install 32 power turbine generators, Which together generate 22500 MW electricity. In the bottom to dam water cross these turbines for generate electricity. While the downstream flood can be controlled by building a dam, electricity can also be provided to six crore people. The world second largest power plant is located at the south America installed in ITAIPU dam. The output capacity is to much from the china biggest dam. In the list of Top 20 power plants in the world the china have 9 biggest power plant.(Dams on the snake river)

three gorges dam


In order to keep the foundation of this dam strong, it is also equipped with spillway gates because when will the water of dam overflow the team will open the spillway and release the water in the river.


Experts has also installed a shipping line at this dam. It is the only dam in the world that has a lift for boats. This lift takes the boats up to a height of 100 meters because the level of water is higher then the down river. There are lot of benefits of this dam but still this is also danger for china. International community consider that the any dam cannot fight with the nature because the cause of climate change the levels of rain increase that the reason the water became overflow in future so that is the biggest danger for whole the china.

three gorges dam


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