Top 10 Best degrees or certifications to Graduate Within 2022

Suppose you’re having trouble deciding which degrees or certifications to pursue at university. In that case, it might be helpful to learn more about which degrees or certifications subjects will be most beneficial to you after you graduate.

Aeronautics and Astronautics

Aeronautics and Astronautics courses delve into the science behind the study, design, and construction of aircraft, race cars, satellites, and rockets. The  will examine how they operate in both our atmosphere and space.

Aeronautical/astronautical engineers, researchers, designers, and technicians are typical career paths for Aeronautics and Astronautics graduates. However, these are just a few of the many careers available to Aeronautics and Astronautics graduates, with many going on to further their education.

Aeronautics and Astronautics graduates start at around US$73,100, rising to an average of US$131,600 later in their careers. 59% of those working in the field believe their job has a high meaning.


The science of preparing, dispensing, and reviewing drugs, as well as providing additional clinical services, is known as a pharmacy. Pharmacy students will study pharmaceutical chemistry and medical science in depth, providing them with excellent career opportunities after graduation.

Community pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, pharmacologists, and research scientists are typical jobs for pharmacy graduates.

Salaries for recent pharmacy graduates begin at around $79,600, rising to a significantly higher $132,500 after ten years. Surprisingly, 77 per cent of pharmacy graduates report that their job has a high level of meaning.

Business Evaluation

Business degrees or certifications are well known for their high demand in various industries. These analysis graduates frequently have exceptional numerical and data analysis skills, which make them ideal for careers in accounting, finance, or consulting, as well as a variety of other business-related fields.

It is perhaps unsurprising that business analysis graduates frequently enter well-paying careers, with salaries of around US$57,200 and rising to $133,200.

Engineering of Electrical Power

Engineering graduates of all types have strong career prospects, and electrical power engineering graduates are no exception. Electrical power engineering graduates will graduate with strong technical knowledge, numeracy and IT skills, and problem-solving abilities.  With the recent emphasis on climate change, there is an even greater urgency to shift toward renewable energy sources, resulting in a higher demand for electrical power engineering graduates.

Graduates earn high starting salaries: according to the most recent PayScale salary report, graduates earn a starting salary of $72,400, rising to $134,700 after ten years. Graduates can also work as electric power network analysts, electric vehicle designers, and market and development analysts. An impressive 63 per cent of electrical power engineering graduates believe their job is meaningful.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial mathematics degrees or certifications employ mathematical, statistical, financial, and economic theory to solve business problems such as risk, uncertainty, and the financial impact of unforeseen events, providing students with excellent career opportunities. Graduates may pursue careers such as risk analysts, chartered accountants, audit analysts, and statisticians.

Graduates earn high salaries ranging from $57,600 for graduates with less than five years of experience to $136,200 for graduates with more than five years of experience. However, according to PayScale, only about half of graduates believe their work dramatically impacts the world.

Political Economics

Political economy studies trade and production, their interactions with customs, law, and government, and international politics influence problems that arise from or. Economy graduates can pursue various careers, including economists, financial analysts, communications officers, and political consultants.

Political economist majors earn an average of US$57,600 in their first five years out of college, rising to US$136,200 after ten years.

Operations Analysis

Management teams rely on operations researchers for analytics and guidance. Graduates of this subject have strong mathematical, computational, and communication skills that will help them in various industries. Operations researchers are typically employed by consulting firms, financial institutions, airlines, and government agencies, to name a few.

Starting salaries are typically high, averaging $77,900. They rise to £137,100 after ten or more years, and there is plenty of room for advancement.

Management and Applied Economics

Graduates of applied economics and management earn $58,900 at the start of their careers, rising to $140,000 after ten years, placing them among the top graduate earners.

Most universities allow students to specialise later in their degrees to fit their interests and career goals. Employees in applied economics and management are generally satisfied with their jobs, with 69 per cent believing that their work improves the world.

Electrical and computer engineering (EECS)

Electrical engineering students come in second, earning an impressive US$88,000 within the first five years of graduation and $142,200 ten years later. Engineering and computer science graduates have meagre unemployment rates, so studying these subjects together leads to some up-and-coming job prospects!

Graduates may wish to work as electrical engineers, IT consultants, or software designers – the options are limitless! Despite this, graduates get a lot out of their jobs, so make sure this is the right path for you before you choose it.

Petrochemical Engineering

Petroleum engineering is the top degree subject to graduate with this year, ranking first. Petroleum engineering graduates earn an impressive $94,500 in their first five years of employment (significantly higher than any other degree). This annual salary increases to US$176,900 after ten years. In addition to a hefty salary, as many as 77 per cent of petroleum engineering graduates report that their job has a high meaning. Petroleum geologists, drilling, reservoir, and production engineers are typical petroleum engineering jobs.

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