Trainer Joe Andrews Fall Fitness Tips

Joe Andrews, a certified fitness instructor, thinks exercise should supplement and enrich your life rather than take over. According to the LGBT San Franciscan, working out is part of a year-round personal wellness practice. Andrews offers informed and practical post-summer fitness advice in line with his friendly (and perhaps ribald!) social media style. Follow him on Instagram (@ rebel. warrior_) for more pro advice.

How can we maintain our routines when the temperature cools?

Fitness, often known as health and wellbeing, is a way of life. Many individuals exercise over the summer and then quit because that approach to health and wellbeing is not sustainable. You have to fall in love with the process of growing stronger. If your “why” is only aesthetic, you will have a difficult time. You’ll likely be disappointed in sustaining a fitness plan unless it becomes a routine that brings consistency and grounding to your life. I tell my clients that exercise is only the tip of the iceberg. Other nutrition and lifestyle elements, like sleep, hydration, breath work, an excellent healthy mentality, and relationships, all contribute to the effectiveness of any fitness plan.

Some folks are still hesitant to go to the gym. What do you need to work out at home successfully?

Joe Andrews must be creative, but you can do much with a stability ball and a mini-band since these two pieces of equipment may provide terrific full-body and focused exercises. I always bring a tiny band with me when I travel since they provide more targeted and diverse core and glute exercises. I’ve used it for squats, hip thrusts, hamstring hyperextension, and core workouts.

Sit-ups: good or bad?

Unless they’re on a stability ball, that is.

Do you have a favourite routine or rep right now?

I’m a badass. So I’m “obsessed” with anything that trains the hips.

Is investing in meal planning, smoothies, or nutritional supplements worthwhile?

Elite Protein by Green Regimen is highly recommended. It is made from pea and hemp protein and is vegan.

Do you have any motivational strategies for times you’re just not in the mood to work out?

Doing something is preferable to doing nothing. If you don’t feel like working out, try a yoga class, stretch, go for a stroll, dance, swim, hike, or move your body. In the correct dose, movement may be medication.

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