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In 1957 an experiment was being performed on the honey bees. And during this experiment a small mistake resulted in a big problem. After the experiment it was seem that the bees became more aggressive and violent. It was as if these bees will not spare anyone if they come out of their experiment container. And that unfortunate thing happened. (Small Bee Honey)

Experimental hive setup. (A) Honey bee colonies were placed into... | Download Scientific Diagram

Viewers this incident happened in a laboratory in Brazil Rio Claro. When Doctor Warwick was doing an experiment with honey bees. Because everyone knew that the Honey production of European bees are very less. That why Doctor Warwick want to change the DNA of these bees. So that they are able to make more honey. For altering the DNA Honey bees from south Africa were brought. Which were made to meet with the European Bees. This experiment was performed in a laboratory, where the bees had built a hive inside a container. (Small Bee Honey)


The experiment was a complete success and this new species of bees were termed Africanised Bees. Everything was going according to the plane. But Doctor Warwick was quite worried after seeing the aggressive of these bees. Seeing their aggressive stance he felt apprehensive about it. And then Doctor Warwick decided not to let these bees go out of the container. But unfortunately that happened which should not have happened. Due to the negligence of a lab worker a big colony of bees escaped. And soon after they escaped, their violent nature became evident. They started attacking people. And it was not possible to tame these bees. (Small Bee Honey ) They start making their own hives and grew rapidly. From Brazil now they have spread across America. And have killed more than Thousand of people still now. And this is the reason they are called Killer Bees.

They are more black and more dangerous than the other bees. They attack anyone within 500 meter of their hive. And if they decide to attack any human or animal they surprisingly chase them up to half of kilometers. And like other bees these killer bees also die after they sting. To know how dangerous their sting is ? Why they die after they sting? We need to know why bees attack in first place? Be it any variety of bees they attack human only if they feel dangerous. Normal bees attacks anyone if someone touch their hive. But Africanised Bees being very aggressive they attack human who are at the distance, passing thought that area. While collecting pollens from the flowers these bees do not harms anyone.


Unless anyone set foot on them mistakenly or hinders in their work then they get pissed off and will definitely sting. But they had no idea that they will die soon after they sting. Actually their sting is like a dagger with small teeth whose direction is in upwards. And when they sting, those teeth on their sting stuck like the hook on the skin and that why it become impossible to remove the sting. When the bee applied force to bring that sting out, Its wings separate from the bee’s body. And along with the sting, their muscles, nerves and the parts of their digestive system comes out. And thus the Bee dies soon after their stings.

Why Do Bees Die After Stinging?


While passing by their hive, if you are stung by one bee then within the seconds the whole colony attacks. But how the other bees, come to know where and to whom they need to attack ? Actually the honey they gather in their hive, is their food. They store it for their bad times specially when it is not the season for pollens. Many bees guard their hive taking turns. When humans come close to their hive they sense it from a far distance and if one bee is successful in stinging, at that time a chemical is released which is called Pheromone. Pheromone work like a alarming signals for the other bees.


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